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Origami Folding

     I used to fold a lot of origami when I was littler.  Don't remember as many anymore, but once in a while I try to relearn a few.  Below are some bookmarks I keep of some nice ones to remember (or reference if you don't remember).  Usually I care only for those that require no cutting or additional accessories (just the paper and folding).  Kind of defeats the purpose otherwise - at least to me.

     If you know any other nice tutorials, do add.  I'm always wanting to learn more - and perhaps figure out a few that I used to know how to make but forgot lately. Sad

Looks Only, Non-Locomotive


Butterfly - Diagram uses a square, but it doesn't explicitly say a square sheet is required.

Heart 1 - Plain, no fancy folds on top.  Square paper.

Heart 2 - Appears split in middle.  Requires square paper.

Lily Flower w/ sepals - Has a bit of a squarish 3D shape to it but the sepals add a nice touch, requires square paper.

Nuclear Crane - Three-headed and three-tailed crane.


Sailboat - Boat with a sail, not as wide a base though.

Sampan Boat - First boat I learned to fold... can't believe I forgot how to fold it though and had to look it up. -_-
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Added on Mar 29, 2009 | Last Updated Mar 21, 2014


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Cool! that is my hobby!

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I’ll manage well)

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