Age of Empires III - The Warchiefs:
AOE3 Racer

AOE3 Racer

     This map is designed for Age of Empires 3 "The Warchiefs" v1.0 but plays fine on AOE3 1.09 as well. However, if played on AOE3 1.09, no music will be present and various decoratives (such as the path of white circles and the loading background) will be missing. Play on the expansion if you can.


The basic goal is to reach the Llama at the end of the path before anyone else.

     Killing nature units will make you faster and the XP you gain will help you level to better units. Every kill gains you 0.1 speed. At certain levels of XP, you will transform into a Halberdier, then Hackapell, then Nootka Warchief, and finally an all-powerful Learicorn.

     Do whatever it takes to get to the Llama first. Skip all nature units if you wish. Poke each other to slow each other down. Find holes in the wall to sneak your way through. Anything works!

Released on November 4 2006.