Interactive Brokers for Tech Trader

Released: Oct 31, 2015

Type: / Script / Tool / Plugin

Download Here: Interactive Brokers for Tech Trader

Num. Downloads: 33

Version: 1-68

  The Interactive Brokers plugin for Tech Trader adds the functionality to pull both live and historical price/volume data from Interactive Brokers on all time frequencies (daily, intraday, weekly, monthly) as well as automate trades.  The functionalities are mutually exclusive and can be enabled together or without the other.
  Pulling data and executing trades from Interactive Brokers requires that you have both an account and API access with Interactive Brokers.  Please contact them if you need assistance with this.

1. Tech Trader: Go to and click Start.
2. Click the Add button next to either the Data Sources or Execution.
3. Locate the InteractiveBrokers.dll file
4. Check the data sources you wish to utilize now and the Interactive Brokers execution option if you want to route automated trades to your account.

  Tech Trader and related programs are all copyrighted and only to be distributed from
  Modification and re-distribution is prohibited without consent of the author at
  Interactive Brokers is not associated with Tech Trader or  The plugin is only an application of Interactive Brokers's API for Interactive Brokers users only.

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