Ripple for Tech Trader

Date: May 11, 2014 - May 20, 2014

Released: May 20, 2014

Type: / Script / Tool / Plugin

Download Here: Ripple for Tech Trader

Num. Downloads: 123

  The Ripple plugin for Tech Trader adds the functionality to pull both live and historical price/volume data on XRP/USD from Ripple on all time frequencies (daily, intraday, weekly, monthly).  Other pairs can be accessed in a similar pair1/pair2 symbol request.  The plugin will also later add the option to execute automated or manual trades on your Ripple account to match signals generated from Tech Trader.  The functionalities are mutually exclusive and can be enabled together or without the other.

How to use:
  The Ripple plugin is now included as a base functionality in Tech Trader.  This project is available simply for those interested in exploring the source code.

  Tech Trader and related programs are all copyrighted and only to be distributed from
  Modification and re-distribution is prohibited without consent of the author at
  Ripple is not associated with Tech Trader or  The plugin is only an application of Ripple's API for users only.

Tags/Keywords: Ripple, XRP, Tech Trader, Tech Trader Plugin, Trading

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