SMF Event Registration

Released: Dec 28, 2009

Type: / Tool / Script / Mod

Num. Downloads: 605

Version: .18

Download for: SMF 1.1.x, SMF 2.x

Demo and example usage by an actual community can be found here: Canasta Club

     This is a modification of a modification originally by Tyrsson and kripz for SMF Forums (of the same name, "Event Registration Mod").  This modification is based on version .17 BETA of his mod and makes several improvements.  It was originally designed to work with SMF Forums 1.1.x, but now has been ported to SMF thanks to floomp!

Original Description by Tyrsson and kripz
-  Creating a calendar event will allow you to register for this event.
-  A max number of attendants can be specified when creating the event, each person registered after the max number has a +n to note that they are on the waiting list.
-  7 Days (customizable) before the event date you will be allowed to confirm for the event.
-  4 Days (customizable) before the event the list is sorted with confirmed attendants appearing first.
-  On the day of the event (customizable), registrations are closed.
-  You can unregister at any time.

Added features by pftq:
- Allow multiple registrations from the same member, to allow them to sign additional people up.  Optional per event.
- Allow registrations from guests.  Optional per event.
- Allow comments to accompany signups (for additional information such as event needs, etc).
- Admin Register button added, allows you to register or delete other members from the event.
- Admin buttons always visible now, even if Admin isn't registered for the event.
- Allow members with moderating permissions to administrate event sign ups.
- Event administrator can also confirm or cancel any signups on the topic view.
- $timeleft fixed, was originally not ever getting the option to confirm. (Display Source and Template)
- Show number of days remaining before you can confirm. (Display Template and Language files)
- Setting days before confirmation to 0 disables confirmation for the event (hides confirm buttons).
- Setting max attendants to 0 will disable registration for that event (not every event needs signups).
- Post Event page (the one with just event title, no post) does not show event data; sometimes too much clutter when you might not want to link the event to a topic. (Calendar template)
- Event registration options on post event page combined on same lines to save space. (Post template)
- Terms and Conditions don't show if they are blank. (registerEvent.php)

Tags/Keywords: PHP, mySQL, SMF Forums

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