Virtual Stock Trading System

Released: Jan 12, 2011

Type: Web / Script / Tool

     The program runs as a customization of Mini DB, but neither are not publicly available yet (I've only set this up with a few websites I help with).  The user system is currently integrated wtih SMF Forums so that the login is shared but it can also operate independently, albeit with less security of course as Mini DB is not meant to support a user system on its own (excluding the admin).

  However, those of you have an account on my main site can hop right over to the live demo I have here: Virtual Stock Trading System :D

This is perfect for those of you who have yet to attempt stock trading because of fears of risking real money or just simply being too lazy to set up an account with a broker.  I'll be copying my own picks over to my virtual portfolio as well, so you can follow the performance of my trades. :P

Hope to see you guys trading soon - especially those of you who claim to be "Econ" majors but have no investing experience whatsoever. :P

Tags/Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Stock Trading, SMF Forums

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