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Whitey Hooten Madness

Whitey Hooten Madness

Date: June 2, 2004 - December 31, 1969

Type: / Game / Map / Multiplayer /

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Map where I was experimenting with water elevation.  Four "islands" surrounded by water that is higher than land.  4-players and almost entirely water-based.

From Readme:
Whitey Hooten Madness - I tried to use Whitey's Lab on this, but it can't be destroyed so I used the Advanced Lab instead. It's four islands surrounding one huge island. You get Rex, Hooten, and annoying villagers. Again, many wierd structures. Good for No Rush games. Four player. I've tried my best to make all players have equal pieces of land etc, but these are more for non-serious games.

Insect Invasion Only

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