SMF WYSIWYG CKEditor Installer

Date: December 18, 2010 - January 24, 2011

Released: Jan 24, 2011

Type: Web / Script / Mod / Tool

Download Here: SMF WYSIWYG CKEditor Installer

Num. Downloads: 865

Version: 1.03

     This mod is designed to replace the Post Reply pages in SMF 1.1.x with a rich-text editor by CKEditor.  It assumes you have uploaded the CKEditor as a ckeditor folder to your SMF Forums' root directory (  CKEditor can be downloaded from

     The mod makes additional changes to the SMF Forum source and template files so that the editor is embedded and works correctly with your discussion board (SMF parses HTML differently than CKEditor does by default and disables it as well for non-admins).  The mod does not employ the use of HTML tags; in this way, all members are able to use the CK Editor and Quick Reply formatting is preserved.  Note, however the preview function will no longer work (which shouldn't be needed since the editor shows you how the post will look already).

     This mod does not deal with the security issues of using the WYSIWYG/rich-text editor; it is not recommended for large open forums where you may not fully trust all its users.  The intent is to allow easy integration of the CKEditor with the forum for those who have already decided to do so.

Also available on SMF Mods.

Tags/Keywords: PHP, SMF Forums

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