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     These may not seem like much, but this is where it all started for me. This was also way back in 2003-2005, so it was pretty impressive back then, to me at least. :P

     First I worked with the animal/object editor called A.P.E. and then gradually moved on to editing the ztd files directly (usually with Notepad). Often designers would have to use other programs like Winhex to do "rotation fixes" (aligning objects to the ingame grid) and ResHacker to edit .dll strings for buildings. I started with animals and objects and later moved into creating buildings as well; however I didn't stay long enough to venture into scenarios, paths, and fences.

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Transportation Mini-Expansion
     One of the last projects I worked on for Zoo Tycoon.  It was one of the more unique ones I've made, finding that I was able to set entry and exit points away from the building so guests appeared to "teleport".  I noticed this from Pixigger's Hotel Cha...

January 19, 2004 - January 28, 2004
Pack, Building | Downloaded 262 times

     A ride/building (they're the same in Zoo Tycoon at a technical level) requested by one of the forumers at Zoo Admin.  Put together the file with some help from Casey.  At this point, I was gradually beginning to get the hang of creating buildings and edi...

January 10, 2004 - January 14, 2004
Building | Downloaded 315 times

2003 Christmas Expansion
     A 2-month project started by flamethrower and KillerPenguin222 in creating a Christmas-themed pack of about 156 animals, objects, and buildings.      Originally, it was released over two smaller packs at Zoo Admin (for those who wanted to use the items b...

October 26, 2003 - December 23, 2003
Pack, Animal, Object, Building | Downloaded 1172 times

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