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     As with any design community really, there are always alot of discoveries and new tricks found on a consistent basis. Though it's rather sad if you think about it, it's also a habit of an online community to "restart" when old members leave and old information is rediscovered again. Zoo Admin, while I was active, used to have a rather strict attitude against repeating information that's already been posted. Ironically the site also went through several complete wipes, removing all old information entirely. Usually though, we made archives before doing so.

     Obviously, not everything you need to know to edit for this game is going to be available here. While I will try to recover as much as I can, it's been almost 5 years and the original Zoo Admin site itself no longer appears to be up.

     The list below is incomplete. I'm still trying to collect everything back together and will add additional links as I find them.

General Designing and A.P.E.



Gameplay and Gettings Things to Work

- Zoo Tycoon is a game by Bluefang and Microsoft Game Studios.
The pages in this particular part of the site are based on the old Zoo Admin. -