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2003 Halloween Expansion

2003 Halloween Expansion

Date: September 30, 2003 - October 26, 2003

Type: Pack, Animal, Object

Game Version: Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania

Downloads: 694 | Download File

     A one-month project creating a Halloween-themed pack of about 25 animals, objects, and buildings - originally released only for Zoo Admin.

     This is arguably the first real attempt at making anything substantial, and obviously it's the first real project that took than just a few days to complete.

From the Readme:

2003 HALLOWEEN Expansion
Started By Flamethrower

03 HExp Scnry file1 Includes:
Small Skull
Creepy Spider
Giant Jack-O'-Lantern
Grave Stone 1, 2, 3, 4
Grave Monument Temple
Short Grave Monument
Tall Grave Monument
Swamp Goo
Large Jack-O'-Lantern

03 Hexp Scnry file2 Includes:
Human Skull
Bone Bed
Dead Tree
Tall Dead Tree
Short Dead Tree
Dragon Statue
Gargoyle Statue

03 HExp Anml Includes:
Giant Spider
Living Jack-O'-Lantern

03 HExp STndo Includes:
Swamp Tornado

03 HExp HHouse Includes:
Haunted House

03 HExpKP222 Includes:
Disco Jack-o'-Lantern
Fountain of Blood
Shade (Scenery)
Shade (Animal)

Thank you for downloading the 2003 Halloween Expansion!

Please be sure you have ZT MM or higher.  I can not guarentee it will work in DD, but ZT
will not work at all.

NOTE: To not have the Swamp Tornado due to unrealness, leave out "03 HExp STndo".

To use the Halloween Expansion, place the ztd files in the following folder:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesZoo TycoonUpdates (dlUpdates if you own Zoo Tycoon
Complete Collection)

Place the dll file in the following folder:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesZoo Tycoon

The Dragon Statue and the Gargoyle Statue have the ability to emit sound in the game.  To
use your sound in the game with the Statues, follow the following directions:


1.  Rename your sound files (which must be in Wav format) to "CustomD" (for the Dragon
Statue) and "CustomG" (for the Gargoyle Statue).  Highlight both of them by dragging a
box around them, OR select one, then hold the shift key and use the arrow keys to "smear"
the highlighting onto your other file too.  Right-Click them and choose "Copy".

2.  Find "03 HExp Scnry file2".

3.  On the window, find "Tools" on the top left of the window.  Click it and then choose
"Folder Options".  From there, open the "View" tab and be sure the box next to
"Hide Extensions for Known File Types" is unchecked.  Click Okay.

4.  There will now be ".ztd" at the end of "HExp Scnry file2".  Right-Click that file and
click "Rename".  Rename the ".ztd" part to ".zip".

5.  Right-Click the file (which should have had the icon changed to a zip file) and click
"Paste".  Rename the ".zip" to ".ztd" again.  You're done and now may put it into your

Creators - Creations:

Flamethrower - Small Skull, Creepy Spider, Giant Jack-O'-Lantern, Giant Spider,
Haunted House Images and Sounds, Grave Stones 1-4, Grave Monument Temple,
Short Grave Monument, Tall Grave Monument, Swamp Goo, Large Jack-O'-Lantern, Human Skull,
Bone, Bone Bed, Living Jack-O'-Lantern, Dead Tree, Tall Dead Tree, Short Dead Tree,
Dragon Statue, Gargoyle Statue, Swamp Tornado

Casey - Programmed & Rotation Fixed Haunted House, Rotation Fixed HExp Scnry file1,
Rotation Fixed HExp Scnry file2

KillerPenguin222 - Disco Jack-o'-Lantern, Fountain of Blood, Shade (scenery & animal)



Extra Credit for:

Ghost laugh and boo sounds - Loewenfrau

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