Age of Empires III - The Warchiefs:
Castle Blood

Castle Blood

     This map is designed for Age of Empires 3 "The Warchiefs" v1.01. Castle Blood is a long requested map by a number of players in the Age of Empires III community. Castle Blood is a common map originally found in Age of Empires II. However, due to obvious differences in the two games, there are a number of changes between this Castle Blood and the old ones, especially as it is unclear as to which Castle Blood this is actually based on (I have never played Castle Blood myself and based this on what others told me). Also due to the mere concept of all-out war, there is bound to be balance issues between civilizations. Only aspects of each civilization which were outrageously powerful were removed or changed. This is more or less simply a response to those who request a "Castle Blood" map for AOE3.

     There may or may not be updates to this map. If suggestions mass and are reasonable, I might update.

In the meantime enjoy!

The primary objective is to wipe out all enemy players or capture the Llama in the middle for seven minutes.

     Players each start with a medium-sized base on their island, surrounding the mainland in the middle. The small outer island holds a sheep; its HP represents the amount of XP the player has. As the player reaches certain levels of XP, awards are granted, which may help or even allow the player to win. Resources are unlimited, creating somewhat a Deathmatch like game.

     Several notable changes to regular gameplay are:

  • - Aztec Warrior Priest Dance disabled
  • - Iroquios Travois Dance disabled
  • - Oprichniks disabled
  • - Spies tech disabled
  • - All units faster by 100%
  • - Mercantilism and New Years techs disabled
  • - Agents disabled
  • - All units train 25% faster, artillery trains 10% faster.
  • - Walls disabled
  • - Docks disabled
  • - Saloons disabled
  • - Capitol disabled
  • - Covered wagons have no HP (no town centers for Portuguese)
  • - Starts in Fortress Age
  • - Wardrums tech disabled for Sioux (too fast of training).
  • - Town Center disabled
  • - For techs and units enabled for Natives
  • - Livestock Pens disabled
  • - Petards disabled
  • Released on December 27 2006, updated January 13 2007.