Mini Database Builder

Released: Jan 14, 2010

Type: / Script / Web / Tool

Version: 2.0

    A powerful little script that can be used to easily add pages and entries to multiple MySQL databases.  In some respects, this is similar to existing tools like phpmyAdmin but on a much lighter scale more suitable for public viewing, etc.  However, it also allows you to add custom PHP code to various parts of the table, allowing you to create gaming ladders, sign-up systems, stock trading systems, and more (presets with the code available!).

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Live Examples at other sites:
Berkeley Investment Group (Virtual Trading)
Canasta Club (Gaming Ladder + Rankings)
Cal Rotaract (Membership)
Tennis at Cal (Games Match-Up)

This is essentially a recoding of Easy Page Creator.  The improvements here are huge but include:
- All settings stored exclusively in MySQL.  No file editing after the initial installation.
- Tables can be edited and managed within the admin interface.
- Fields can be added, renamed, resorted, and modified at any time.
- Much more customization in that fields can be dynamically linked to php or mysql code.

It is still in the works though, enough so that I'm not comfortable with making the code/package readily available.  There are, however, a number of sites already using it but I make sure to keep a close eye on those.

Tags/Keywords: PHP, mySQL, Javascript

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