January 13th, 2007
Posted by pftq

Castle Blood 1.1

        Castle Blood 1.1 has been released, addressing a number of suggestions and problems brought up by players all around.   There are not too many changes, but the gameplay varies rather significantly (especially lategame).   Enjoy!


 - by pftq
 - January 4 2007 - January 13 2007
 - Cleaned up script a bit
 - Explorers granted in beginning of game, but Town Centers not buildable until later.
 - Longbowmen Guard and later techs enabled.
 - Final looping award randomized between Mediocre Bombard, Learicorn, and Fluffy
 - Fort techs and SOME fort units enabled for Natives.
 - 2 pilgrims at 15000 XP award, 5 pilgrims at 25000 XP
 - Livestock Pens disabled
 - Petards disabled
 - XP check that removes sudden 15000 XP gains (when cheat units die)

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