December 27th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Castle Blood Released!!!

After almost ditching the project completely (been very busy lately), I’ve finally released the map for Age of Empires III.   The basic map itself was actually finished about a month ago - then everything to do with it just stopped.

Decided to release it before I forget about it again.   Think of it as a late Christmas gift I suppose.

Quick description:

This map is designed for Age of Empires 3 “The Warchiefs” v1.01. Castle Blood is a long requested map by a number of players in the Age of Empires III community. Castle Blood is a common map originally found in Age of Empires II. However, due to obvious differences in the two games, there are a number of changes between this Castle Blood and the old ones, especially as it is unclear as to which Castle Blood this is actually based on (I have never played Castle Blood myself and based this on what others told me). Also due to the mere concept of all-out war, there is bound to be balance issues between civilizations. Only aspects of each civilization which were outrageously powerful were removed or changed. This is more or less simply a response to those who request a “Castle Blood” map for AOE3.

Castle Blood

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Ikill4penguins says...

Hey i love your game, ive been a fan of castle blood since Aom.

everythings greta, i just have 1 request,

ADD Guard and imperial Longbow upgrades plz !!!!

if you have a reason for not adding plz tell me. i think it would be a rgeat add to the brits since they dont have much else that is special about them

pftq says...

Hi - that did not come to mind during testing it.  I'll be sure to add it next version! Smiley

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