September 12th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Heading into mySQL

        Okay, I give.   Using text files to store my stuff just isn’t going to work.   Guess I’ll learn mySQL.   It’s not hard actually - but then alot less portable that’s for sure.

        Pages done currently are:

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September 11th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Graphing Calculator Finalized

        Ok - I can’t quite get all the points to show on the hyperbola one, but I think it’s more that there aren’t enough grid sizes (so just increase gridsize).   When you change the numbers around, it works fine.

        But I’m done with it - spent a tad too much time on that.   Don’t even know why I made it.   It works though.   Hope it comes of use for somebody.

Now on with somethin else! (maybe get back on WiB I dunno)

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September 10th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Cleaner Online Graphing

The online graphing calculator produces cleaner and 100% accurate graphs now.   Comes with adjustable gridsize, increments, and zoom.

I have no idea why I’m doing this - just to see if I can I guess.

Here ya go.

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September 10th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Basic Online Graphing Calculator

        Well just for the heck of it, I decided to see if I could create something to graph stuff (maybe I can start printing my math homework instead of graphing it :P).   It’s not very pretty and doesn’t do much at the moment, but here it is!

        Online Graphing Calculator

Works best in IE - where everything is square.

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September 9th, 2006
Posted by pftq

pq File Storage

        Alrighty finally completed my file uploading script to the point I am satisfied and have nothing more to add.   Quite proud of it as it is my first real script completely written by me and running without the need of any game or anything :P.   It works sort of like Photobucket or other services only any file I specify can be uploaded.

        Created myself an admin panel as well.   I can:

  • Create/Modify/Delete Users
  • Specify a User’s Max File Storage

        Regular users can:

  • Add files as public or hidden
  • Remove specific files, all files, or all hidden files
  • Change passwords

        Fairly simple but very easy and quite powerful. :)   It is mainly for my own personal use as well as a few friends who wanted to use it, but who knows.

pq File Storage

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