December 25th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Fort Wars Power Rating

        We’ve finally gotten Elpea’s old Fort Wars ladder working again and made it even better than before!   It counts games and updates ranks automatically just like cuetech and ESO’s power rating.   Like power rating,   Free for All games are not counted.

        As we have two solid game versions of Fort Wars (AOE3 and TWC), the ladder has been split, but it should be fairly simple to figure out.   I’ve also added player statistics page and recent games (from past week).

        Anyways enjoy! Now you can see how good you actually are! :p

        Click Here for Fort Wars Power Rating!

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November 25th, 2006
Posted by pftq

987 Visitors

The past day ended with a total of 987 records, beating the old record of:

 732 on Oct-13-2006

        For once, Fort Wars  was released in perfect timing, with the Thanksgiving just being over but still during break, on a friday, and not during evening/midnight when activity is at its lowest. ^_^

         BTW, no the visitor counter does not count bots.   I’ve set it up to ignore those. :p

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November 24th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Fort Wars 3.0 Released!



Fort Wars 3.0 fixes a few more problems and adds tons of new features from the expansion, such as warchiefs, the native civs, the new units… Enjoy! :D

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 TWC 1.01, October 28 2006 to November 24 2006
- Arrow Knights added to level 4
- Techs fixed
- Due to ES’s tech changes, All natives have 100% more base HP than before
- Native Awards and prices adjusted accordingly.
- Medic Special removed and replaced with buyable healers.
- Added Horse Artillery to level 3
- Added Light Cannon to level 3
- Added Gatling Gun to level 2
- Added Petards to replace towers award
- Buyable towers and upgrades removed
- Petards lowered from 225 base hp to 150.
- Hussar moved down with Uhlans.
- Tashunke Prowlers added to level 4, gain 1 pop to balance limit.
- Sioux get speed upgrades every 50 kills and dog soldiers for a merc, but coin decays 1 per second.
- Game starts at Age 1 to avoid extra starting techs.
- Surgeons improved healing (+9x).
- Cetan Bow unit added to level 2.
- Stats fixed according to TWC 1.0
- Stats fixed again according to TWC 1.01
- Aenna added to level 1
- Forest Prowler added to level 3
- Skull Knights added to level 4.
- Jaguar Prowler Knights added to level 3.
- Award added: Pick a warchief to empower your armies.
- Iroquois have buyable Elite Rams as mercs, light cannon and Melee Tomahawks for Reinforcements.
- Reinforcements now come every 3-5 minutes, instead of 5-6.
- Aztec start with an Aztec Warchief and get 5 arrow knights per reinforcement for artillery.   No Los for spawn.   Fusilier merc.
- Sioux Warchiefs get attack aura.
- Sioux get no artillery reinforcements but more mercs.
- Warchiefs have 4x stats of HP.
- Bow Riders added to level 3.
- Musket Riders added to level 3.
- Kanya Horseman added to level 1.
- Puma Spearman added to level 1.
- French gets 1/2 hp upgrade for all cavalry per number of upgrades.
- Mortars cost 25 (again).
- Llamas in Fort Nomad removed.
- Sioux Dogsoldiers get 1.0 more bonus vs infantry.
- Skull Knights receive -100 hp base.
- Improved autogrouping by ES, which causes units to group together and move on their own, has been countered!
- Russian fast-spawn bonus nonexistant in previous versions.   Now fixed.
- Morale removed due to lack of use.
- Iroquois get stronger reinforcements, buyable rams, and hand cavalry have bonus vs buildings.

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November 13th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Updated Guestbook Skin

        The guestbook had virtually no design or layout for a while.   I’ve added a background and a few gradients.   Hopefully not as boring looking - I might get back to it later though.

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November 10th, 2006
Posted by pftq

File Storage Cookie-Based

        There’s been some problems with the File Storage program not remembering people’s passwords over time.   I’ve finally decided to try out making it cookie-based.   It wasn’t hard as I thought it would be, but now I know how to make stuff cookie-based next time I need to. :D

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