November 10th, 2006
Posted by pftq

File Storage Cookie-Based

        There’s been some problems with the File Storage program not remembering people’s passwords over time.   I’ve finally decided to try out making it cookie-based.   It wasn’t hard as I thought it would be, but now I know how to make stuff cookie-based next time I need to. :D

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November 10th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Merged Gallery and Forum Members

        The gallery and forum members database are being merged together.   You may lose avatars or settings, but hopefully nothing major.   Sorry for the inconvenience!

        *updated: It is done! You should now be able to post in the gallery using your forum account.   Please let me know if you find any problems!

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November 5th, 2006
Posted by pftq

Interview at AOE3Files

        Got an interview yesterday by Riot at AOE3Files.   Was a lot longer than I thought it would be. :p

        Here it is for those interested: AOE3Files Interviews pftq

        I’ve also been asked to answer questions from there for about a week.   If you really want to ask - just go ahead.

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November 4th, 2006
Posted by pftq

AOE3 Racer

        Finally finished this short little map.   I came up with this idea a few weeks ago but didn’t really have time to do anything with it.

        Basically, what sparked an idea for me was the fact that units in Age of Empires III slow down when attacked.   I thought it’d be interesting to see that used as  a tactic for some kind of game.

        Here’s a quote from the description:

        The basic goal is to reach the Llama at the end of the path before anyone else.

         Killing nature units will make you faster and the XP you gain will help you level to better units. Every kill gains you 0.1 speed. At certain levels of XP, you will transform into a Halberdier, then Hackapell, then Nootka Warchief, and finally an all-powerful Learicorn.

         Do whatever it takes to get to the Llama first. Skip all nature units if you wish. Poke each other to slow each other down. Find holes in the wall to sneak your way through. Anything works!

        Official page for AOE3 Racer

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October 24th, 2006
Posted by pftq

New Online Record!

        As you can probably tell from the main page, the site keeps track of how many people are browsing the site at once.   It also keeps track of stats such as the maximum number of people browsing the site at once, and at what time and date.   These stats you can access by clicking on the counter on the main page.

        Anyways, this morning, at exactly 5:59 AM, the old record was broken. :O

        The old record was (and now stated on the stats page):

23 on Aug-14-2006, 1:46 PM

        The new record is now:

47 on Oct-24-2006, 5:59 AM

        That’s a pretty big jump! :D At least it isn’t as scary as getting the highest visitors per day of

732 on Oct-13-2006

        That’s pretty disturbing. :P

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