January 12th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Coppermine Anti-Copy Update

  Slight problem with the mod I discovered recently.  The mod seemingly just stop working for no apparent reason and reduce the image view size to 1×1px.

  The cause turned out to be the filepath of the image, which might contain a space but shows up as %20 from the URL.  The code does not know how to handle this and renders a faulty image.

  This has been corrected and the download has been updated.  For those who have the previous version, simply replace the root imagix.php (not the theme one).

  There is also a minor addition in the image generator.  A quality setting can be used to determine the size of the JPEGs it produces.  This update is optional and requires a replacement of the image generator file.  Copy your settings first so you do not lose them.

  Download: Coppermine Anti-Copy 1.02

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