February 15th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Fort Wars Source Code

  Finally released the Fort Wars source code.  Select persons may view the code in the forums: Fort Wars Source.  This is just to give some people an idea of what went behind the scenes of Fort Wars.

  Sorry I do not intend for anyone to be able to update from viewing it.

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February 3rd, 2008
Posted by pftq

pq Counter/Tracker 1.07

  It’s been nearly half a year since I’ve released an update.  Fair to say that it’s actually been quite stable; there was no need for changes - not at the time anyways.

  Maybe others are satisfied, but I found even more tweaks to make and added several more features.  Also a feature request (visit count) by one of the many users we have here.

  The complete change list as well as the download can be found in pq Visitor Counter and Tracker - not to mention there is also a new-improved Demo/Stats page with red highlight for the coding.  It should be much easier to read.

  Coincidentally, I just realized version 1.0 was released February 3, 2007.  Strange isn’t it?

  For those with 1.06: The script is designed to run regardless of most settings be set or not.  You should be able to just replace the tracker and pqcounter_core.php files.  Then dig through the counter.php (settings) and pick out the new features you want.  The new database fields will be added automatically.

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January 13th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Gallery/Creations Index Combined

  Hopefully one day the site will work together using just one database.  At the moment, each section still operates quite independently, but I’m getting there.  :P  Now all video/graphical content on this site is hosted only in the Gallery of the site. Hits/views as well as date and descriptions in the gallery directly reflect that shown in the Creations Index.

  Benefit for me here is I just update my creations list in one location and it will change correspondingly throughout the whole website (regardless if it’s in the Gallery, some isolated page I never update again etc).

  Also because of this new change, there is more than likely a bug or two - something I missed or forgot. If any problems arise, please do post so I know.

Great City’s Fall Cinematic 

  Finally as a side comment, I’ve added another project I was working on before leaving Age of Mythology.

  Sadly it’s one of my only serious attempts at making a serious (non-goofy) cinematic in the game, but it never got finished.  It doesn’t even have a title, but we can safely call it “Great City’s Fall” for now.  Enjoy! :D

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January 12th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Coppermine Anti-Copy Update

  Slight problem with the mod I discovered recently.  The mod seemingly just stop working for no apparent reason and reduce the image view size to 1×1px.

  The cause turned out to be the filepath of the image, which might contain a space but shows up as %20 from the URL.  The code does not know how to handle this and renders a faulty image.

  This has been corrected and the download has been updated.  For those who have the previous version, simply replace the root imagix.php (not the theme one).

  There is also a minor addition in the image generator.  A quality setting can be used to determine the size of the JPEGs it produces.  This update is optional and requires a replacement of the image generator file.  Copy your settings first so you do not lose them.

  Download: Coppermine Anti-Copy 1.02

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January 1st, 2008
Posted by pftq

News Page Reconstruct

  Finally deciding to redo some of the site from scratch.  I never meant for the news/blabberbox theme to be permanent (and certainly not the same) but somehow I never got around to working on it.

  Over the next few days, the News section may go on and off - it may look ugly but don’t panic. :P It’ll be over soon.  Hopefully the theme should be finished before the end of the week.

  Any layout ideas would also be nice.  I seem to be all out of ideas these days (though I can make anything once I set my mind to it).

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