January 12th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Coppermine Anti-Copy Update

  Slight problem with the mod I discovered recently.  The mod seemingly just stop working for no apparent reason and reduce the image view size to 1×1px.

  The cause turned out to be the filepath of the image, which might contain a space but shows up as %20 from the URL.  The code does not know how to handle this and renders a faulty image.

  This has been corrected and the download has been updated.  For those who have the previous version, simply replace the root imagix.php (not the theme one).

  There is also a minor addition in the image generator.  A quality setting can be used to determine the size of the JPEGs it produces.  This update is optional and requires a replacement of the image generator file.  Copy your settings first so you do not lose them.

  Download: Coppermine Anti-Copy 1.02

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January 1st, 2008
Posted by pftq

News Page Reconstruct

  Finally deciding to redo some of the site from scratch.  I never meant for the news/blabberbox theme to be permanent (and certainly not the same) but somehow I never got around to working on it.

  Over the next few days, the News section may go on and off - it may look ugly but don’t panic. :P It’ll be over soon.  Hopefully the theme should be finished before the end of the week.

  Any layout ideas would also be nice.  I seem to be all out of ideas these days (though I can make anything once I set my mind to it).

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December 23rd, 2007
Posted by pftq

Creations Index Upgraded

The Creations Index has looked pretty sloppy for some time, though it featured a search engine and sortable pages. Ironically, I made similar database programs for various other people, using my Easy Page Creator, but I never used it to sort my own site.

I’ve finally replaced the old junky version of the index with the Easy Page Creator, so everything should go much smoother now. The layout - I kept the same, but the internal workings should be much better (load faster, more organized, etc).

Seeing as the index already features a search (more powerful one too) and sorting, I’m curious as to whether I should even bother with the Ladder, Scripts, and Web sections as they seem redundant. I’ll leave them be for now.

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November 4th, 2007
Posted by pftq

Gallery Reconstruction

All the pictures have been wiped and re-uploaded onto the gallery. Had a few issues with the naming scheme in that pictures of the same area and time did not line up together and the gallery as a whole was becoming too unorganized.

Pictures from now on will be named and sorted accordingly to a numeric value. All videos displayed will be in flash.

On a side note, I’ve also added a Europe section… maybe a few of you guys out there will recognize some of the pictures. :D

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October 3rd, 2007
Posted by pftq

Derivative Tool

Finally studying Calculus - might be a surprise to a few of you who don’t know me that well. The teacher went through with some overly long processes on how to find the derivatives; for those interested, I also wrote a program to find/estimate the derivative (check your work? :P ).

Of course, it will not be 100% accurate (answers are in decimal). It will not determine whether derivatives exist or not (it assumes they do) and it will not find derivatives of infinite slope (it should return a 1/0 error though, which can be assumed to be infinite). Finally, a few rarer functions may have sign switches, so I’ve added an Apply +/- option for these cases.

All the math tools on the site now accept trig, powers, and roots.

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