September 17th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Bad Lucker 2 - in progress

  Working on a remaking a song I made earlier.  The first one I made was more impromptu and made up as I went along.  Got it more structured and controlled this time, with an actual intro and whatnot.  Still working on rest of song so it’ll be longer later.  Also hoping to add orchestral background to it (maybe some clashes etc here and there hehe).

Bad Lucker 2 draft

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September 8th, 2008
Posted by pftq

New Song - No More Days

  Yay! Another one! :P Actually this was supposed to continue the last song Another Day, but it kind of got longer than it was supposed to be (aimed for 30sec, got 2 min).  Then came up with a few more tunes the other day and decided it would become it’s own song.

No More Days

Hit a bit of a creative stump; can’t figure out how to transition between parts of the song and the ending - so it may seem a bit abrupt at times. Most of the tunes were played through on keyboard in one run - I think I may have messed up a few times here and there. I probably will remake this song if I ever get the chance.

Feedback much welcome.  I would most definitely like to improve on this.  :D

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September 2nd, 2008
Posted by pftq

New Blabberbox and Overall Layout

  I remember saying back in January that I would finish updating the News page.  Looks like I haven’t. :P Good news I managed to clean it up a bit today and put the title in the banner instead.

  Meanwhile, I finally got enough creative spark again (losing alot of those lately) to come up with a half-decent layout for the Blabberbox section.  Went the more plain but simple looking layout.  It’s mostly white but it looks relatively clean, easy to read.  Little clutter.

  Also went ahead and did away with the old navigation frame; made that more than two years ago so I don’t know why it’s lasted so long to begin with.  Decided to match the entire site to the same navigation frame as I had on the news page.  Looks good so far… though I wish I could bring the shadow effect to every page, but Internet Explorer 6 doesn’t support PNG transparency.  Most people still use that browser unfortunately.

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September 2nd, 2008
Posted by pftq

Gameshow Maker 1.0

Gameshow Maker

  Gameshow Maker can be seen as an extension of the original Jeopardy Maker (which you should check out if you want something more basic and preconfigured).  The idea is allow you to create your own questions/answers gameshow, such as Jeopardy or Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, with little to no work on your end.   Categories, rows, columns, bonuses… Everything is done by the program.  At the absolute minimal, all you need to do is type up the questions.  For the more tech-savy user, virtually everything can be changed in the settings file including sounds, textures, fonts… Gameshow Maker is but a tool to make your presentation.  What you make with it is only limited by your imagination.

=== Improvements Over Jeopardy Maker ===
- HTML Support: Images and Formatting!
- Loadable presets, changeable layouts!
- Reposition or redesign any aspect, add image backgrounds, etc
- Removable category row, renamable buttons
- Use your own sounds/graphics
- Right/wrong answer sounds
- Much more and more to come, just request it!

  Now away from the salespitch a bit, the program is indeed extremely customizable and will only continue to be more customizable as more feature requests come in from users like you! At the moment, all settings are located in preset files.  Ideally, it would be best to have a user-friendly interface to change all settings in.  While I cannot promise a date any time soon, I would like to hope that I might find time in the near future to implement this!

  Do not be afraid to ask for help! Feel free to request features or give feedback at

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August 31st, 2008
Posted by pftq

Post-it Notes Videos

  My friends and I spent the few weeks working entries to Youtube’s Post-it Notes contest.  Contest says to make something creative.  In a way, we went outside the box a bit - wrapped an entire story around Post-it Notes themselves.  Credit mainly goes to my friend who came up with the initial script.

Lockers for Life

  All content once again created entirely by me - effects, post-it graphic, music, sounds, video recordings.  Only thing I didn’t do this time were the voices. :P

  Of course, subject says “Videos” so there is more than one… Feel free to also watch our Post-it Plane entry.  This was our initial attempt; gave up part way in favor of our newer video, but my friends liked this video better so you might too! :P

  Contest winners determined by public rating. Whatever, you do, remember to rate them! Help us out!  :)

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