August 29th, 2007
Posted by pftq

pq Visitor Counter Update

Just another bugfix and some optimzing. I’ve found that the previous highest visitor counts did not update the record times. Timezones were also wrongly added and several redundant lines of code added only to subtract them again. Finally, record times are now timezone independent and do not shift when you change the timezone setting.

For those who are upgrading from 1.05, simply replace the tracker and pqcounter_core files. Rarely will you ever have to replace your settings file when upgrading. However, you will have to add the following line to your settings:

$iplength=4; // length of ip to check: is 4

Also add $iplength to the list of globals at the top.

I do not remember when I added this; if you already have it in your settings, then ignore this step. :)

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August 18th, 2007
Posted by pftq

Coppermine Anti-Copy Mod Update

A few people at coppermine galleries noted that the mod had no effect for them. Double-checked and it turns out the mod never considered other language characters (special characters in titles etc would disable the mod).

The mod has been fixed to 1.01 and can now be downloaded.

For those who already have the mod, just replace the imagix.php file with the new one.

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August 3rd, 2007
Posted by pftq

Coppermine Anti-Copy Mod

Not a plugin sorry :( I didn’t feel like reading up on how to make one :P It’s close enough to one however, you only directly modify two files. The rest is added on. Yes, yes, now what am I talking about?

If you visit the Gallery, you will notice that right-clicking any image will not allow you to save it. You end up with a blank image or worse… a VIRUS (just kidding :P). Along the way, each image has an automated caption, that even if you did manage to copy it, all would know you downloaded it from

Some may notice I’ve already had this feature on my site for some time. I just never got around to cleaning up the code (I want to remain presentable thank you! :P ) and packing it up into something I can upload. It’s also taken a while to get the bugs out (unlike PHP, Wordpress, Java, or any other language I know, I can’t find a code reference for Coppermine!! :( )

Anyways, enough talk… here’s the full list of features! :D

- Basic Protection: Overlay a blank image over all pictures (prevent right-click copying)

- Hiding Links: Pass all picture addresses through an image-generating file:
–* Requires random code from server to generate an image.
—-* Random code generated from timestamp + offset from any resource of your choosing
–* Optional caption on generated images.
–* Optional resizing on the fly.
–* Image-generator and its features usable independently from mod and gallery (see CUSTOMIZATION)

- For those with Apache: Deny access to files
–* Deny direct access to all image files (specify types in .htaccess file)
–* Forward those who find the images to a page of your choice.
–* Allow you to rename the image-generating file to any name and extension.

- Copying Permissions: Specify specific users and groups to allow copying
–* Enter the user id # or group name into the Gallery Description or Album Password Hint
–* Seperate with commas, no spaces (unless part of group name)
–* Place a negative in front to deny. ex -1, -banned
–* Denying has priority over allowing.
–* Optional removal of caption for those allowed to copy, see CUSTOMIZATION

- Extra features I added to my own gallery and am too lazy to undo:
–* Categories with no visible albums (to the user) and no thumbnail/description become hidden from view.
–* Videos default to 640×480 dimensions
–* Non-image files can now use custom intermediate images if uploaded (default normal_ prefix)

DOWNLOAD! And enjoy :D

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August 2nd, 2007
Posted by pftq

News and Forums Joined, Site Fully Combined

Something I’ve been trying to get to ages ago. The site is finally properly combined. Register on either the news, blabberbox, gallery, or forums and it registers for the entire site. Log in on one section and it logs in for all, etc.

The plugin I used for the SMF/Wordpress bridge is not completely stable and I had to do some modifications to get it to work right. Let me know if you find any quirks when logging in or editing your site account.

Finally the forum has one final layout change. News header which was removed long ago has been added back in and blended in. Ads have been moved to between the news and boards, fitted into its own cubby hole in the forums.

Overall it’s pretty crowded but hopefully better than before. Let me know if the new layout bothers anyone. Suggestions welcome.

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July 31st, 2007
Posted by pftq

New and Faster Forum Skin

        I’ve been noticing some lag in the forum.   It turns out to have been the theme I was using, which I have using since I first started the site.   Obviously some of the code is not as refined as it should be; I went through and started a new theme from scratch.   Hopefully the forums look a bit cleaner (although much the same) and run much faster.   Let me know if you find anything that looks out of place to you.

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