July 31st, 2006
Posted by pftq

Counter Fixed

      Not much going on - but I finally decided to fix the visitor counter on the mainpage.   Turns out it only counted those who visited that one page, not the site as a whole.   It shows 1500 visitors when the actual number is 9395 for this month (yes, unique visitors - not hits :P).   Obviously most people do not enter the site through the main page.   Anyways that’s fixed now.   I won’t edit the current count, but it should climb up more realistically now.

        Many thanks to Matei who modified it to work properly.   Originally it stopped counting any visitors until the first person left the site.   Now it just stops counting each person seperately until they left the site. :)

        Following that, I modified it further to show number of visitors currently on the site.   Pretty neat ^_^

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killerpenguin222 says...

There's a counter?!

pftq says...

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