April 11th, 2010
Posted by pftq

New Song Finished - Raindrops

     I had this one in my head for about a month before I actually started recording it. Somewhat under pressure to top my last song Cloudless and I’m not entirely sure I did either. :P


     As the title suggests, think of rain when you hear this song. Think of rain in all its forms (drizzling, shower, storm, hail…) and then think of the sun when it begins to emerge. The initial idea was for the piano to represent rain and the flute as either life in general or the sun (just something counter to the chaos), but it’s really up to interpretation. I just happened to think of this song during a rainy day.

     I had the theme going in my head for almost a month before I was finally able to record it; initially I kept playing it in the wrong key signature and even after I’ve finished the song now, I don’t think I actually got the right one. -_-

     I actually have a version of the song shifted up to an A-flat key instead (correct me if I’m wrong; I can’t read music), but it’s only in piano: Raindrops (Piano) (can’t decide which I like better :P)

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