April 11th, 2010
Posted by pftq

New Song Finished - Raindrops

     I had this one in my head for about a month before I actually started recording it. Somewhat under pressure to top my last song Cloudless and I’m not entirely sure I did either. :P


     As the title suggests, think of rain when you hear this song. Think of rain in all its forms (drizzling, shower, storm, hail…) and then think of the sun when it begins to emerge. The initial idea was for the piano to represent rain and the flute as either life in general or the sun (just something counter to the chaos), but it’s really up to interpretation. I just happened to think of this song during a rainy day.

     I had the theme going in my head for almost a month before I was finally able to record it; initially I kept playing it in the wrong key signature and even after I’ve finished the song now, I don’t think I actually got the right one. -_-

     I actually have a version of the song shifted up to an A-flat key instead (correct me if I’m wrong; I can’t read music), but it’s only in piano: Raindrops (Piano) (can’t decide which I like better :P)

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April 5th, 2010
Posted by pftq

Working on a New Song - Raindrops

It’s been like half a year since I made anything, so I’m very happy to be making a song again. :D

Right now, it’s nothing compared to the “Cloudless” song I made last time, but I’m hoping it will top that one eventually. I’m having a really hard time remembering this one whenever I go to record it, so as of currently, it has no lead instrument and no real direction. Also it’s missing a lot of transitions, so the song tends to change abruptly but ignore that for now. :P

View: Raindrops

Suggestions and ideas welcome! I’ve had like no inspiration lately. -_-

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March 23rd, 2010
Posted by pftq

Gameshow Maker 1.06

     It seems like Gameshow Maker is the only thing I’m working on these days… (which is not true, but the other stuff I’m working on is not really sharable :P ). This update is one of the more fundamental ones - any font you have on your system can now be used in the program, to a limited extent. This means if you want another language not yet included, you can just download or have the font on your system without waiting for the next update. If you want to use a better font than what I’ve already included, that’s perfectly fine as well. As you imagine, this frees up one of the most serious limitations of the program so far.

Gameshow Maker

Gameshow Maker 1.06

     The only drawback (and the reason I didn’t include it before) is that it cannot be used for animated text (the title and the floating text in the intro/bonuses). The only text that really shows up there is the title (obviously) and category names. If you use category names that require the font on your computer but isn’t in latin or built into the program, some characters may not show. If you are afraid of seeing broken words floating in the air, you can always stick with english text for the categories and use fancier fonts for the questions/answers (those are what matter anyways right?! :P ). The drawback is merely aesthetics if anything.

     Other smaller but nonetheless useful changes are being able to skip through the table setup in the beginning… as well as being able to skip to the final question if, for example, you run out of time (in real life, not the game). These are minor, but you may find them handy later as I have. :)


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December 31st, 2009
Posted by pftq

Custom Trilogy Ladder

  The Custom Trilogy Ladder is now up for Age of Empires III (been a while since I did anything for that game).  The maps are made by River God, who requested a ladder similar to that of Castle Blood.

  Like the other ladders, this one should be automatic, recording all games every 3 minutes.  If there are any issues, feel free to let me know.

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December 29th, 2009
Posted by pftq

Gameshow Maker 1.05

Under the request of several users, I’ve split the final question sounds and music from the bonus questions. While I was at it, I decided to make questions re-clickable as well (from the various uses I’ve seen, usually at least one question gets clicked by accident). Finally, the looping music can be disabled after questions start; that seemed to be another major request people kept asking for. :)

Gameshow Maker

Gameshow Maker 1.05

As a side note, there’s also a new Symbol font (again, not for SWF due to size). Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be able to input regular letters. A few users asked for this, so I assume it must be useful in some way at least. :P

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