August 15th, 2010
Posted by pftq

SMF Stock Charts Mod

I feel like now that I'm upgrading my forums to the latest versions, I'm being forced to turn most of my direct modifications into plugin packages.  Maybe that's a good thing though. Grin

Anyways, this is one is I've been using for a long time but never really made a plugin for.  I actually posted a request for such a mod a while back but went ahead an made my own instead.

Basically, you can use BBC tags to embed stock charts in your posts.  The sites that build these charts are of course the ones that deserve the credit for them.  This mod just makes it so you don't have rebuild the settings for the chart each time, instead just allowing you to input the ticker and put it between the appropriate BBC tags.

Example using the SCHART tag:


Download: SMF Stock Charts Mod

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August 14th, 2010
Posted by pftq

SMF Mailing List Mod - Beta Finished!

This is something I spent the last couple days on but finally got working fully. Grin  Basically the mod now almost completely mimicks Googlegroups or other listserves/mailing lists (what's the correct term?).

I have the entire mod set up properly as a package with settings under Features/Options, so this should be much improved over my last attachment.

Here's a description from the readme for all the new functions I inserted:

This modification sets up your board to basically behave as a list serve or mailing list.  The best example to think of is "Google Groups", in that the discussion board still exists while any emails sent to the site are automatically posted or added as replies to existing topics.
      Credits for the original mod "Post By Email" go to Matthew Wolf (a.k.a Grudge).  The mod I've created based off of the original differs in that it:
      - Allows replies to any email (announcements and notifications) by the board.
      - Sending emails with new subjects also creates a new topic to a default board of your choosing (under Features/Options).
      - New topics started by email are  automatically announced (emailed) to members who can see that board, just as a real mailing list would do.  If the number of members able to see the board is large, this might cause a lot of server load by announcing to everyone. Then you might want to either pick a different board to start topics (with fewer members able to access) or disable this entirely (again, under Features/Options).
      - For all announcements (posted by email or board), members are automatically subscribed so they receive replies through email and can reply back through email.
      - Notifications of replies are formatted to look like email replies (with the last 10 posts quoted and indented).
      - All posts created through email show the original poster as the sender, rather than the board.

      INSTALLING ----
      To install this mod, you will need to configure your server to "pipe" email replies to this script.
      In cPanel go into Email -> Forwarding and then make the forum's email address forward to "|/home/path/to/SMF/emailpost.php" without quotes.
      Where the path is the path to the script (Note that path - not the URL!) If you are not using cPanel you'll
      need to set this up manually.

      If you have PHP installed in a path other than /usr/bin/php you will need to change the top line of emailpost.php to point to the correct path. Please note that you *may* also need to chmod the script "emailpost.php" to ensure it is executable (usually 755 or 777).
      If you have your own theme, make sure to copy these lines into the appropriate language files:
      For yourtheme/languages/Post.english.php
         // pftq / Mailing List: Shorter, more concise text for emails.
         $txt['mailingList_announce'] = "Reply to This Email or View Original Post: ";
         $txt['mailingList_announce2'] = "Unsubscribe from emails for this topic: ";
         $txt['mailingList_event'] = "Reply to This Email or View Original Event: ";
         $txt['notification_reply'] = "Reply to This Email or View Original Topic: ";
         $txt['mailingList_disable'] = 'To disable all future announcements, check the notification settings in your profile page.';
      For yourtheme/languages/Modifications.english.php
         // pftq / Mailing List: Settings
         $txt['mailingList_defaultBoard_help'] = "Board for Topics Started by Email";
         $txt['mailingList_autoAnnounce_help'] = "Announce Topics Started by Email";

Obviously, this has strayed a lot from the author's original intent as just to receive emails for notifications and PMs, so I am not sure whether this should still be considered an upgrade on the original or a different mod altogether (besides a few pieces in the emailpost.php, everything else was rewritten).

I'm still testing this and trying to see where I  may have overdid the email features a bit (as in made it too spammy), but so far it's been working great.  I'm currently using it on 3 sites for smaller groups, so load isn't too much of an issue.  I'm not sure about larger sites, but I imagine if you can announce to that many members, this shouldn't be too much different.  You can always disable the sending out of emails anyways (it's an option).

If you want to help test this (or just go ahead and start using it Tongue ), the file is publicly available at .  Although it should be fully functional, it may have a few bugs or glitches, so use at your own risk.  As usual, suggestions and anyone else helping test this would be great.  There were some areas I wasn't too sure on how to best code, so feedback is always welcome. Grin
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June 30th, 2010
Posted by pftq

Statistics Tool

I haven’t programmed anything in a while, so I guess this is a fairly small comeback but it works. This is not as useful if you already have a graphing calculator, but it could come in handy if you have numbers already in a table typed out (and you don’t want to retype + hand calculate).

Statistics Tool

It’s fairly basic as I said before but it helps a lot if you’re in the position I am in with homework being online. At the moment, it doesn’t return that many stats but I am open to any requests. The whole script took less than 5 minutes to make afterall.

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June 12th, 2010
Posted by pftq

"Cloudless" & "Raindrops" Songs Remastered

Just for the record, I usually listen to songs using Etymotic earphones, so I’m able to pick off details from the music very well. I guess that was part of the drawback of using them when writing music as well because I never realized how muffled or quiet my songs were until I tried playing them on some crappier speakers. :P

So I just spent the last two days applying EQ and compression to two songs I already made. The compression helped a lot for “Cloudless” (no EQ needed) but “Raindrops” just has too many instruments going on at once. Compression only took it so far, and any EQ I tried to apply to it just really distorted the flute and strings. Right now, I’m just using a Limiter and a little bit of filtering to remove any clipping while just increasing the volume on the song. I added a little bit of EQ to the song but avoided affecting the strings (really want to keep the dynamic there). Either way, it’s much better than it was before in my opinion anyways. Of the two, “Raindrops” will sound the most changed, almost as if a muffling wall has been removed so you can hear the instruments better. I might have been listening to them too often to hear anything wrong anymore though, so let me know if any part sounds distorted or odd. :P



I read somewhere that classical music generally does not use mastering due to the importance of dynamics. Wishful thinking on my part on an excuse not to master my songs, but at the same time, I do not want the songs I make to sound so quiet compared to everyone else’s. :(

On a side note, I’m revisiting an older song I started last year called “Darker Stormy” (check it out). Right now I just have a short draft up, but it should give you an idea of what kind of song it’ll end up being. Progress is slow at the moment because I keep forgetting the song as soon as I sit down to record it, but we’ll see. :D

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April 30th, 2010
Posted by pftq

Short Song/Video on Cherry Blossoms

     One of my instructors for a class wanted to have a video demonstrating how creepy Japanese cherry blossoms could be. I didn’t really have that much time for this (wanted to go much further), but this is just a quick video I put together. The effects are mine entirely while the footage is from a documentary or news report the instructor gave me; the photo in the beginning is mine though. The song I made out of scratch but it’s short and simple.

Poison Cherries

     Obviously only the effect is shown here rather than the whole music video as I don’t own the copyright to the rest of it. Nothing fancy, but enjoy. :P

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