October 9th, 2009
Posted by pftq

Best Song Yet - Cloudless

     This is probably the longest I’ve spent on any song yet (the editing and tweaking anyways). There’s a lot more variation than in my usual songs (a complete opposite to the lackluster “Blue Calm” song I made a few weeks earlier), and I actually bothered to play it at a constant tempo/beat this time… I should probably should start doing that for all my songs from now on anyways. :P


     Sadly, it’s not a Halloween/horror song. One of my friends said it sounded like Christmas, which makes it completely out of season but ah well.

     The song reminds me of drifting in the clouds… hence the name. This is another one of those songs I came up with while walking back from class one day. I seem to come up with most of my ideas that way lately. :D

     I’m actually not happy with the ending… it sounds a bit rushed and choppy to me. However, the song’s been sitting in this state for about a week, and I haven’t come up with anything better. Any suggestions would be great though.

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September 18th, 2009
Posted by pftq

New Song - Blue Calm

     I had this tune stuck in my head while walking back from class a few days back. The visual I somewhat saw as I was making this was mostly rain and then the ocean. It seemed calm and the water looked blue, so that’s where the name came from. It’s bad, I know. :P

Blue Calm

     I originally spent about 2 hours playing this out just to put out ideas before I forget them. Afterwards, I kind of did forget… and I haven’t really been able to pick up on it since. People tell me it’s repetitive and I’ll even admit the whole second half is just a rehash of the first (the whole song even loops), but I haven’t been able to come up with anything else to add to it. Ideas are welcome though.

     It’s somewhat of a work in progress, but not a work I think I’ll be getting back to any time soon.

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June 7th, 2009
Posted by pftq

Thought of the Day

I’m going to be pretty bored this summer… so I created a new section on the site, a sub-section to the Blabberbox/blog, called Thought of the Day (right-hand side of the Blabberbox page).

Here, I will just post short snippets or random quotes I make up. They can be thoughtful and enlightening, or they can just be random. I guess it’s just me being too lazy to actually write a full post so I’ll just be writing up short (or long) sentences.

Should be interesting to see what I come up with - and to see how long I can keep it up. :P

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May 2nd, 2009
Posted by pftq

Gameshow Maker 1.04

Under the request of one of the users in the forums, I’ve added Korean font support for the Gameshow Maker.

Gameshow Maker

Gameshow Maker 1.04

As with the Chinese font, simply make sure you set the font to Korean for parts of the program you want to display in characters. Unlike the Chinese font, you may or may not see the characters in the text files themselves - but they’ll still be there in the program. My suggestion is to open the text files in a program that does support Korean characters, such as MS Word, if you are worried about whether the characters are being input correctly.

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February 21st, 2009
Posted by pftq

Gameshow Maker 1.03

Not as many drastic changes as before, but a few strong and fundamental ones. We now have the addition of “custom buttons” that form a frame around the actual game as well as the support of Chinese characters.

Gameshow Maker

Gameshow Maker 1.03

Here are the some of the new features:

  1. Chinese Character Support - The function was there before but you had to dig a bit deep; the end user had to have the same fonts on his machine and you had to know the exact name of your own fonts without using Chinese characters to name it. Well not anymore; I’ve included a Chinese font into the game itself so you’d just have to use the font name “Chinese” to call it up. However, this significantly increases the filesize of the game, so the web-version (SWF) will not have this available.
  2. Custom Buttons/Frames - Maybe I’ll figure out a more decisive name later. This basically allows you to place buttons along the edges of the game; you name them as well as decorate them. These buttons have no function but are useful for check-offs for ideas like lifelines, ladders, etc.
  3. Title can now be shifted horizontally - you’d think this was here to begin with but I guess it was overlooked. :P

As stated before, the webversion will not have multilanguage support due to the size of the fonts; it would take forever for someone to download online. I currently do not know a way to lessen the filesize or allow for Chinese characters without embedding, so it may or may not be solved in future versions. Then again, I didn’t know how to write Flash before I started making Gameshow Maker, so maybe I might come up with something. If anyone knows how to solve this problem; do tell though - I definitely wouldn’t mind the help. :P

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