December 27th, 2010
Posted by pftq

Random Piano Improvisation

Was going to see if I can make a Christmas-themed song but it already passed - bah... I'm running out of ideas lately; it seems like all I can do is rehash my older songs.  Didn't feel like putting the effort into editing the song this time, however, I managed to just record 8 minutes of piano improvisation, which isn't much since I can't actually play the piano but ah well.

Let me know any ideas for new songs though.

Enjoy Tongue
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ph03n1x says...

I think that it wasnt too bad for improv. Of course due to that fact, I did
notice the sloppy transitions, haha. I think it would've had a lot more
depth if the background section changed up/went away throughout the song,
but otherwise it was pretty good with just the speed increase.

In terms of themes for songs...The only things coming up are New Years and
Valentines Day. A love song? lol or also a song of a broken heart. haha

- Steven

ph03n1x says...

btw is there a way for the thread to not relay my own message to me but only
to the other recipients of the list? lol

pftq says...

Done Smiley I only had it coded that way because it's what Googlegroups does, but on second thought it doesn't really make sense to get your own replies.

pftq says...

Bought a new piano VST (software).  It's supposed to sound more *real* - can't figure out if it sounds any better though.  Thoughts? Tongue

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