SMF Notify Group

Released: Dec 05, 2009

Type: / Tool / Script / Mod

Num. Downloads: 423

Version: 2.2

Download for: SMF 1.1.x, SMF 2.x

     This is a short script I wrote so I can turn on notification of a topic or board for an entire membergroup.  The script works by letting you first select membergroups and then the members within those groups that you want to enable (or disable) notification for.  You can also subscribe groups themselves for boards that tend to have varying members move across groups, and the mod will show the groups and members currently subscribed to a board or topic.  Currently, only members who can moderate the forum (moderators, admins, or groups with moderate_forum permissions) would be able to use the script.

     The mod integrates beautifully with the Mailing List mod if you want to also convert your board into a full listserv/mailing list.  It's even more useful as of 1.4 because with a 'group' subscribed to a board instead of a list of members, you can have topics posted in the forums and emailed out automatically without the use of "Announce Topic".

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Tags/Keywords: PHP, mySQL, SMF Forums

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