July 2nd, 2006
Posted by pftq

Site Redone for Firefox

I just so happened to try Firefox instead of Internet Explorer today and WOW my site looked like a piece of junk. I was wondering why several of people kept claiming my banner was disconnected from the top or that the words were spread too far out.

Well the site’s gotten redone to suit both browsers now. There were a few things I couldn’t get to look the same on both browsers though. The site still looks best in Internet Explorer.

Here are some screenshots of IE and Firefox comparisons from the old layout for those interested :P

Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
Home Page Home Page
AOEIII Creations AOEIII Creations
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killerpenguin222 says...

As a user of Firefox, I am pleased that you have updated your site for this browser. Frankly, looking at your site was becoming somewhat of an eyesore...

pftq says...

lol - Well it's all fixed now except the colors.  IE and Mozilla Firefox seem to have color conflicts.  What's gold on one browser is a nasty dull yellow on the other. <_<

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