March 23rd, 2013
Posted by pftq

Song Remix - Softly Cheerful Museum

Finally finished with this one (took 3 months since I started, though I admit much of it was just idling time or lack of inspiration Tongue ).  First time doing a remix and spending so much effort on a song only 2 min long though, my back is killing me. Grin

It's definitely unlike all my previous songs, just by the style of it and complexity.  It's also a very happy song, good for "cheering" people up I guess lol. Cheesy

Hardest part was figuring out the instruments and trying to get the sheer number of them to sound well together - was a very good learning experience and made me appreciate just how hard it actually was to make the original.  For the longest time, it was a very slow and boring song.  The piano came last and really was what did it.  I suck at making a flutes-only song I guess. Roll Eyes

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