November 24th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Song in Progress: Island in the Rain

Ah, pretty sad that all I ever seem to have time for lately is making new songs (the only thing I can leave untouched for weeks and come back on).  I kind've understand how so many people I once knew online disappeared over the years now (or became very inactive).

Back to the song though - I started it in October so I don't know why I was thinking of rain so early.  If I recall correctly, it was also while walking back home after finishing an exam (or before starting it? Not sure...).  Maybe I need to walk more - seems to be how I get most my ideas lately.

"Island in the Rain (Draft)"

The visual I had in mind for the song was basically an island awashed in rain, perhaps getting reset or cleansed.  The harp/piano represent the raindrops and emptiness of the island (critters usually hide before the rain).  The strings are supposed to give the aftermath sort of feel, but I can't seem to get them to sound right - so that's the main concern I have with the song right now.  I really wanted to get a sort of film/trailer feel to it, but I can't figure out why the strings I have sound very thin or cheap.  Maybe need to upgrade to better software, but that's expensive so I'll keep playing around with it as much I can.  Any suggestions welcome.
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September 2nd, 2011
Posted by pftq

It's Finally Done! Cloudlessly :D

Bahaha! Grin For the while I actually thought I wouldn't be able to finish this, so I'm very content now. Tongue

Been working on this since July, and it's probably my first real song in almost year (since Darker Stormy).  Lots of new stuff in this one, not only in melody, but also experimenting for the first time with tempo and pitch variation, fading and a few effects, etc.  As usual though, I'm just messing around with the settings without any real clue what I'm doing, so if anything sounds off, let me know.


Hopefully finishing this song doesn't put me off onto another 1-year hiatus but we'll see.  I'm just very content that I finished this before school gets busy again.  Cheesy
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September 1st, 2011
Posted by pftq

Trickling Winds Song Finalized

First time trying out drums and cleaner instrument samples from East West on this one.  The bass is definitely much stronger here and more intense.  Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to work on this in a while, so I'm just wrapping it up for now.  Maybe I'll come back to it some time.

"Trickling Winds"

It sounds like a buildup theme of some sort, but probably because it was the climax of whatever I had.  Tongue
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August 9th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Orchestration Begins on Cloudlessly

So I finally found some time to at least begin adding orchestral instruments to the piano solo I put up a while back.

As mentioned before, this is a variation on Cloudless.  Progress is slow since I have a bad habit of filling my free time with other things lately.

"Cloudlessly (Draft)"

The earlier piano draft is called "Cloudfully" and can be heard here:

As usual, any suggestions please let me know. Grin
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July 28th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Another Piano Solo Variation: Cloudfully

So I keep coming back to my older song Cloudless... The key is just really easy for me to improvise on the spot with I guess. I've managed to build on the melody a lot more than the last variation I made on it (Cloudful). This is just a quick recording of me playing it on the spot so I don't forget later, meaning it's very much just a draft. I'm hoping to make it an orchestral track like the original eventually. Since I like the piano solos though, I'm also saving some of the variations I come up with along the way.  They seem to stand up well enough on their own without other instruments.

"Cloudfully (Piano)"

Let me know any suggestions please - still trying to figure out how the orchestral one should sound, so I'm just playing around with the piano version for now. Smiley
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