May 10th, 2015
Posted by pftq

Updates to Jeopardy Maker and Gameshow Maker

After about half a decade, Jeopardy Maker and Gameshow Makers finally started showing some compatibility issues with the newer computers and operating systems.  I've gone through and recompiled both programs to bring them up to speed, so they should be running fine again no matter what computer you're using.  I've also taken the opportunity to add HTML/images to the original Jeopardy Maker, as that was a long requested feature there.  And lastly, questions/answers files will automatically be trimmed to avoid issues where extra rows show up from blank lines.

I'm also looking to build a more stable community around these tools if there are any web/product developers out there willing to help with this.  I realize after the long hiatus in updates that I should probably be passing the torch on maintaining and supporting these programs.  Please contact me if you might be interested.
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