September 9th, 2006
Posted by pftq

pq File Storage

        Alrighty finally completed my file uploading script to the point I am satisfied and have nothing more to add.   Quite proud of it as it is my first real script completely written by me and running without the need of any game or anything :P.   It works sort of like Photobucket or other services only any file I specify can be uploaded.

        Created myself an admin panel as well.   I can:

  • Create/Modify/Delete Users
  • Specify a User’s Max File Storage

        Regular users can:

  • Add files as public or hidden
  • Remove specific files, all files, or all hidden files
  • Change passwords

        Fairly simple but very easy and quite powerful. :)   It is mainly for my own personal use as well as a few friends who wanted to use it, but who knows.

pq File Storage

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