June 13th, 2006
Posted by pftq

New Guestbook and Blog Installed

        The crappy guestbook that used to be on the main page got replaced by a real one.   Looks really nice.. I’ll see about changing the skin to match the rest of my site later.

You can sign and view the guestbook right here.

        Also installed the blog you are reading from right now :P.   Background created completely by me. (Yea I’m sad like that - proud of a lil background :P)

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June 9th, 2006
Posted by pftq

pftq.com is Open!

         pftq.com finally working. The main page has been uploaded; lots more to go but it s a start. If any links are broken, it is simply because I haven’t uploaded that part of the site yet. In the mean time, welcome to pq!

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June 6th, 2006
Posted by pftq

pftq.com is mine!!!

         Bwahaha! I finally decided to buy the domain pftq.com. Surprisingly, nothing is registered to www.pftq.com, net, co, or anything. Such a great screenname. :P

 Hmm, 6/6/06.  :O Uh oh . . .

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