April 20th, 2012
Posted by pftq

Violin and Flute Piece: Feltip Leaf

Love having 18 units of class but no clubs to worry about - gives me so much spare time to do this random stuff.  Grin

This is just another song I picked up on after stalling for about a year.  It's a more peaceful one after my last song but seems a lot plainer.  Not really about a leaf.. though you could definitely picture one floating along here.  Just running out of ideas for names.   Huh

Thoughts and suggestions welcome as usual.  This is the first time I used East West instruments exclusively; it seems to make my songs sound unintentionally emo but I guess I'll have to figure ways around that.  -_-
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March 23rd, 2012
Posted by pftq

New Orchestral Action Piece: Nightfall

This deviates a lot from the style of my older songs.  It's much  more percussion/choir heavy - I guess you can say it's kind of the first real "action" piece I've made so far.  It's a lot darker and more heavy on the ears than my usual stuff.  This is also the first time I looked EQ a bit during the production of a song, so it should have a bit more clarity than in my past works. Grin

If there's only one song you bothered to hear from me these past months, it's definitely this one. Tongue

Wanted to do a lot more with this piece as I had a lot more in mind, but once Spring Break came along, I couldn't think of anything new. -_-
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March 5th, 2012
Posted by pftq

Some More Piano and Other Stuff

Running out of ideas lately - seems kind of hard to make anything besides just piano.

This one is a little dark but it's a new key I figured out how to play (rather than the one I used in like 5 other songs):

Kind of wondering if I should bother trying to clean it up or make it orchestral.  It seems nice enough as it is, even with the occasional pausing while I was thinking of what to play next.

And this one is an example of me trying to force myself to make orchestral:
Dilo's Shun: https://www.pftq.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=18316

It's been going nowhere - ran out of ideas and no idea how to expand on it.  Any suggestions welcome.
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February 1st, 2012
Posted by pftq

Some More Piano: Reminiscence

Just messing around in this one and found a different key (other than the one I always play - yay).  Not sure if I heard the song somewhere before though (the beginning at least).  If it already exists, please let me know.

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January 22nd, 2012
Posted by pftq

Mailing List Mod for SMF2 Complete

It took an awfully long time, but the SMF2 port of the SMF Mailing Mod is finally complete. Grin Have to say this is definitely the largest of the 5 SMF mods I set forth to convert to SMF2 but very glad now that it's over (besides just bug-fixing and improvements from this point on Tongue ).  Again, have to thank floomp for first kicking this off by porting the SMF Event Registration mod or I might not have gotten this far.

The SMF2 Mailing List so far should be equivelant to the SMF1 version, with features being and again transforming SMF to a variation of Googlegroups:
- It allows attachments, automatically includes them with your posts and emails them out also.
- If you want to set up a sort of ticketing system, you can allow guests to email in questions and start threads that only they can see and respond to (speaking w/ the forum staff of course, not just themselves).
- You can forward multiple email addresses to the mod and it'll route the posts to the proper boards depending on what you set in the options.
- All settings are now on a separate Mailing List Settings page; small detail but it's nice nonetheless. Grin

The complete changes from the original "Post By Email" mod as before:
      - Complete revamp of the reply extraction process to work with many email clients; tested with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast, and numerous others.  HTML emails can be accepted and formatting preserved.  Multiple email encodings supported, including quoted-printable, 7-bit, and 64bit.
       - Works with webhooks / mailhooks / HTTP POST data (enabled via options) for servers without email piping.  Tested with mailhooks.com.  Currently looking to test on more providers - if you know any more, please contact me.
       - Allows replies to any post email (announcements and notifications) by the board.  Notifications and announcements are also formatted like an email thread (previous replies quoted beneath).
       - Sending emails with new subjects (or without the re: prefix) creates a new topic to a default board of your choosing (under Features/Options).
       - New topics started by email are automatically announced (emailed) to members who can see that board, just as a real mailing list would do.  If the number of members able to see the board is large, this might cause a lot of server load by announcing to everyone. Then you might want to either pick a different board to start topics (with fewer members able to access) or disable this entirely (again, under Features/Options).
       - For all announcements (posted by email or board), members are automatically subscribed so they receive replies through email and can reply back through email (can be disabled if you only want topics created by email to function as mailing lists).
       - All posts created through email show the original poster as the sender, rather than the board.
       - Posts announced via the forum can also show the poster as the sender (option in Features).
       - Attachments are supported from incoming emails and automatically attached to outgoing emails.
       - New topics via email can be routed to different boards (and therefore membergroups) depending on the address sent (setup in Features/Options).
       - Optional Support Ticket System; those who cannot access the default board can email the forum to start a thread between themselves and those who can access the board, simulating a ticket system (where those w/ access are the staff).  Non-members and guests can also do the same if the board allows for guest posting.

You can download the mod here:  SMF Mailing List
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