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Underground Tunnel Entrance

Underground Tunnel Entrance

Underground Tunnel Entrance

Date: January 26, 2004 - December 31, 1969

Type: Game / Add-On

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     Zoo Tycoon also lacked tunnels - pretty much any elevation whatsover (paths were always flat to the ground).  The Underground Tunnel Entrance simulates tunneling by having guests supposedly enter one end and appear at another entrance placed a set number of squares away.

     Part of the Transportation Mini-Expansion. Buildings in this set revolve around the use of "teleportation" - a characteristic I found by setting entry and exit points farther away then the building's size/footprint.

From the Readme:

Underground Tunnel Entrance
by Flamethrower

  The Underground Tunnel Entrance is a building to has the guests appear to travel underground. Guests enter through one end of the Underground Tunnel Entrance and come out on the other side as certain amount of squares, which is the amount of squares in parentheses plus 1 for the extra square the entrance on the other side of the bridge takes up.  To use, you must first find an area of your zoo that is 12 squares long, two squares for the entrances and one for the tunnel (the tunnel is imaginary).  Put the entrances on the ends of the space.  NOTE: The space doesn't have to be empty.  This is a tunnel so the guests travel beneath the surface.
  The Underground Tunnel Entrance will operate on both land and water.  The Underground Tunnel Entrance has been made as realistic as possible.  Animals in the exhibits are capable of going above the space where guests travel while guests remain safe from harm as they take their time observing.  Guests will gain great happiness from the experience.

To Use:

Click Start and then click Run.  Type in the following:

C://Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon

The path may vary depending on whether or not you changed any options during the installation of Zoo Tycoon.

A window will open up.  Place the dll files into the window and the ztd files into the dlupdates folder or Updates folder.  Either will do, but the dlupdates folder is prefered because it doesn't mix up official and unofficial downloads.

If you have downloaded other buildings from the Teleportation Mini-Expansion, you will replace your current dll file with the new one included.

Start the game and enjoy!

Programmed by Flamethrower.
Original Graphics from Zoo Tycoon Dinosaur Digs.

Only to be downloaded from Zoo Admin.

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