Transportation Mini-Expansion

Transportation Mini-Expansion

Date: January 19, 2004 - January 28, 2004

Released: Jan 28, 2004

Type: Game / Add-On

Subtype: Pack|Building

Num. Downloads: 251

FT Warp Dome
Teleportation Arch
Underground Tunnel Entrance
Warp Pipe
Water Bridge Set

     One of the last projects I worked on for Zoo Tycoon.  It was one of the more unique ones I've made, finding that I was able to set entry and exit points away from the building so guests appeared to "teleport".  I noticed this from Pixigger's Hotel Chain buildings, where the entry/exit points were a square or two away from where the building actually was.

     Unfortunately, this also proved to be a controversial pack as a few members at Zoo Tek, a site which Zoo Admin was still feuding with at the time, claimed I stole the idea from their bridge sets.  As I've said before, I've never ventured much outside Zoo Admin at this time, let alone download items from outside the site.  Apparently, the other side claimed the technique to be so advanced it took them years to figure out and that it was too coincidental that I would discover the method right after they released their bridges.

     I admit it seemed too much a coincidence, but it's important to note that Pixigger's Hotel Chain was also just released not too long ago, from which I drew my inspiration.  There was also no real technique - at least not which I used; I simply set the coordinates for the entry/exit away from the building.  Nothing ingenious really about that.  If that wasn't the "advanced technique" they used, then I surely wasn't copying or "stealing" for the matter.

     My greatest regret from working on this project was it not only drew me into conflict with Zoo Tek, but Pixigger as well since I named his Hotel Chain as where I realized the method.  At this point, Pixigger was gradually fading from Zoo Tycoon and I regret more than anything that I was partly (if not entirely) responsible for hurting his reputation and legacy in the gaming community right as he was leaving.

Tags/Keywords: Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania

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