December 29th, 2008
Posted by pftq

42 Section Finally Updated

  Used to leave a note on the 42 page saying I would update it at some point… left it hanging for almost two years. :P

  Have to say it was probably one of the uglier parts of my site for a long time - and hardest to update.  I’ve pretty much ditched the idea of having a separate layout for every page now.  Created one script to generate all the pages in that section with a consistent layout.  Should also make it easier for me to add and update new pages, so hopefully there will actually be 42 things to do there at some point. :P

  I’ve also added a comment feature.  Not quite ready to combine the site login system yet, so everyone is still a guest even if they have an account.  However, feel free to give feedback on any of the pages. :)

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