October 9th, 2009
Posted by pftq

Best Song Yet - Cloudless

     This is probably the longest I’ve spent on any song yet (the editing and tweaking anyways). There’s a lot more variation than in my usual songs (a complete opposite to the lackluster “Blue Calm” song I made a few weeks earlier), and I actually bothered to play it at a constant tempo/beat this time… I should probably should start doing that for all my songs from now on anyways. :P


     Sadly, it’s not a Halloween/horror song. One of my friends said it sounded like Christmas, which makes it completely out of season but ah well.

     The song reminds me of drifting in the clouds… hence the name. This is another one of those songs I came up with while walking back from class one day. I seem to come up with most of my ideas that way lately. :D

     I’m actually not happy with the ending… it sounds a bit rushed and choppy to me. However, the song’s been sitting in this state for about a week, and I haven’t come up with anything better. Any suggestions would be great though.

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