November 29th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Rhythm of Thoughts and Other Videos

  Seems like I’m slowly leaking out more and more stuff I make at my school - perhaps one day I’ll actually have all my videos online rather than a select few. :P

  At the moment, my club and I are working on a video for the 2008 Sparky contest, one advocating the sharing of ideas.  I admit the script isn’t overly complicated; we were going for more the visuals and sounds, which should leave quite an impression. :P

Rhythm of Thoughts

Contest ends tomorrow, but suggestions are welcome nonetheless. On the other hand, I’ve also added a video we made for Halloween earlier this year, one I don’t think we’ll top for a long time… Not going to name it, but I think you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it. :P It’s easily the most impressive video I have up right now.

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