May 21st, 2014
Posted by pftq

Ripple Currency Data in Tech Trader

Ripple Labs' data API is now accessible as a data source in my Tech Trader platform for automated trading and backtesting, meaning you can now apply technical analysis and other chart-based trading strategies on Ripple and Bitcoin.  Many of the existing automated strategies I have for the stock market work directly on the new data with no change.  Previously the base platform only included Yahoo data sources for loading equities and indexes (though that didn't mean you couldn't load plugins for other data sources), but now the base platform also includes the Ripple data source by default for loading currencies, both fiat and cryptocurrencies.  

To load a chart on XRP, just enter XRP or XRP/USD in the symbol field.  For Bitcoin, use BTC or BTC/USD.  Follow the same format for any other currency pairs as well.

The Ripple code is also available as a separate open-source Ripple plugin for those curious or wanting to expand on the code.  I spent about a month figuring out the API docs from Ripple Labs before finally finding out the code examples were wrong and just used standard JSON code instead.

I'll be working on adding direct trading capability into the Ripple plugin as well, so that automated strategies (or the plain Manual Trade button) from Tech Trader will route trades directly your Ripple Wallet.

You can also see live charts generated and cached by Tech Trader at a simple website I created here:

Ripple (XRP) All-Time

Ripple (XRP) QTD May 2014

Bitcoin (BTC) All-Time

Bitcoin (BTC) QTD May 2014

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Blend says...

Very cool. I think I may begin studying this

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