December 4th, 2011
Posted by pftq

SMF Event Registration Ported to SMF2

So after a long wait (more than a year if I gather correctly), the SMF Event Registration mod has finally been ported to SMF2.  Have to give the credit here to floomp, who basically took the SMF1 version and ported the whole thing.

I first took up the mod from Tyrsson, who was also planning to port the mod to SMF2 but never found time to.  I went ahead and added a ton of features to the SMF1 version but also got busy afterwards and couldn't get around to porting it to SMF2.  Lips Sealed  (maybe it's cursed and only people not in charge of the mod can get any progress on it!)

Anyways, here is the mod in entirety:

This is the first version in SMF2, so just let us know if any issues arise (though it looks fine from my testing so far).
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