January 2nd, 2012
Posted by pftq

SMF Notify Group Ported to SMF2

This took a lot longer than I expected, but the mod is now available for SMF2.  A few fixes were also made to the SMF1 version before the port, namely that the unsubscribe function didn't work as intended; now the page works properly and disabling notifications actually disables all notifications (and not just announcements).

You can download both SMF1/2 versions of the mod here:

Enjoy and happy new year!
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December 25th, 2011
Posted by pftq

SMF2 Event Registration Updates

Some quick bug fixes and cleaning up in this version.  I think this was probably bound to happen with the major port from SMF1 to 2.  Nothing major here though.  Any other changes, just let me know.

Download: https://www.pftq.com/pq/creations/list/SMF_Event_Registration/

20111225: .176, pftq
- Fixed broken html and some general notice/errors from SMF1 to SMF2 port.
- Changed default event options to no attendees (disabled event registration), allowing guests, and allowing comments.
- Reworded some options (Days Before Event, Batch Signups) to be more easily understood.
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December 23rd, 2011
Posted by pftq

Another Song Finished: Island in the Rain

Finally finished this one - stagnation since October.  Less emphasis on the melody with this one (so it's a little repetitive) and more on making the strings sound fuller.  People tell me it sounds very trailer/film-ish.  Also first time using a choir but it's so subtle that I'm not sure how many of you will be able to tell. Tongue

"Island in the Rain"

Enjoy and happy holidays!
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December 4th, 2011
Posted by pftq

SMF Event Registration Ported to SMF2

So after a long wait (more than a year if I gather correctly), the SMF Event Registration mod has finally been ported to SMF2.  Have to give the credit here to floomp, who basically took the SMF1 version and ported the whole thing.

I first took up the mod from Tyrsson, who was also planning to port the mod to SMF2 but never found time to.  I went ahead and added a ton of features to the SMF1 version but also got busy afterwards and couldn't get around to porting it to SMF2.  Lips Sealed  (maybe it's cursed and only people not in charge of the mod can get any progress on it!)

Anyways, here is the mod in entirety:

This is the first version in SMF2, so just let us know if any issues arise (though it looks fine from my testing so far).
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November 24th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Song in Progress: Island in the Rain

Ah, pretty sad that all I ever seem to have time for lately is making new songs (the only thing I can leave untouched for weeks and come back on).  I kind've understand how so many people I once knew online disappeared over the years now (or became very inactive).

Back to the song though - I started it in October so I don't know why I was thinking of rain so early.  If I recall correctly, it was also while walking back home after finishing an exam (or before starting it? Not sure...).  Maybe I need to walk more - seems to be how I get most my ideas lately.

"Island in the Rain (Draft)"

The visual I had in mind for the song was basically an island awashed in rain, perhaps getting reset or cleansed.  The harp/piano represent the raindrops and emptiness of the island (critters usually hide before the rain).  The strings are supposed to give the aftermath sort of feel, but I can't seem to get them to sound right - so that's the main concern I have with the song right now.  I really wanted to get a sort of film/trailer feel to it, but I can't figure out why the strings I have sound very thin or cheap.  Maybe need to upgrade to better software, but that's expensive so I'll keep playing around with it as much I can.  Any suggestions welcome.
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