January 10th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Web Hooks Support in SMF Mailing List Mod

     Originally, the SMF Mailing List Mod only supported local email piping.  After about a week's work, I've finally managed to get support for webhooks, or emails forwarded by HTTP-POST. Grin

     Currently, the main testing has gone to support for POST data from mailhooks.com, but it should work for any webhooks data (assuming there is some degree of conformity).  If not, just let me know what provider you're using and I can tweak the mod to support it.

     Sadly enough, most of the work wasn't in the actual coding of the Web Hooks support but in finding a site that worked.  Cheesy   I'm a bit new to sending emails by POST data though, so maybe it's just me. Tongue
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