January 19th, 2009
Posted by pftq

Zoo Tycoon Section

  Ironically Zoo Tycoon was perhaps the first game I really designed for.  It’s only fair I give it due respect with its own page, and I guess that’s why I waited this long before adding it (wanted to make sure I could pull it off nicely :D ).

  Sadly, one of the nicer looking pages on this site is not one I created solely myself, but based it off the previous design of the Zoo Admin site (which is no longer up btw - not the original at least).

  I’m still building on the section; most of it will be what I experienced during my time.  Some of you who knew me way way back will recognize some of these I hope. It’s definitely been a while.

Zoo Tycoon - Main

  Seems kind of disgraceful to have neglected this page for so long.  Ah well - now the site is one-step closer to being complete. (!!! :razz: )

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