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Last Updated March 4 2007

Cheats! The opponent suddenly jumped 15,000 or more XP!

- Don't delete your cheat units. They're worth 15,000 XP and it is distributed to all enemies. Fort Wars 3.1 onwards also has this disabled.

Map loads but none of the special stuff (spawning, music, buying) work. Barracks in place of fort, Explorer in place of Spawn Selector...

- Download the latest Fort Wars version!

Map goes out of sync.

- Someone doesn't have the map properly installed. Place both files (XML and XS) ONLY in this directory:
My Documents > My Games > Age of Empires 3 > RM

I am asked to download as I enter a game when I know I have the map OR map crashes upon loading OR Map doesn't load.

- You OR the host didn't finish downloading the map and have a partially downloaded map. Be sure to be able to click ready before leaving a game to download the map. If you want to be safe, just download from this site.

Games I play after Fort Wars go out of sync. Where do I get Fort Wars Fix?

- Get the latest OFFICIAL Fort Wars for your version! There have been many modded "fake" versions, tampered with by others, and cause Out of Sync or mod the game.

Game crashes or says "Failed to Load..." when starting the map.

- You or someone in the game did not fully downloaded the map. Please have them or yourself delete the map (two files, xs and xml) at:
My Documents > My Games > Age of Empires 3 > RM (RM2 for Warchiefs)

Then redownload the map from this site to be sure you get the full map.

Bug! Computer players don't play right or spawn units!

- This is a Multiplayer map. You should be playing online. Even if the computers could spawn units, they wouldn't buy units, upgrade, or use awards. I wasted a year of my life on this map; I'm not going to go and write a whole ai script for it.

The store island does not work! I can't buy things!

- I've heard this alot and everytime I watch a person say this during the game, the person has one of the following problems:
  1. Not enough coin. They aren't free stuff! Check the cost via tooltip of the unit.
  2. Not enough population. Wouldn't that be fun to buy 200 units over your population?