April 10th, 2008
Posted by pftq

Jeopardy Maker 1.0

  Finally got around to learning another programming language - this time moving into Flash and ActionScript 3.0 :D (also first time coding a stand-alone program)  My first major project being a Jeopardy boardgame requested by a few teachers at my school.  Figured why create 4 seperate games when I can make one to suit them all. ;) 

  Some people take one glance and think it’s done with Powerpoint - but give it a shot and ask yourself: How can Powerpoint read a list of questions and generate a table? How can Powerpoint automatically adjust table columns and rows depending on what you give it? :P

Jeopardy Maker

  Jeopardy Maker is a fully-featured and customizable Flash application.  The program is written entirely in ActionScript 3.0 and designed to run on any Windows computer with Adobe Flash support (which virtually every modern computer has).  Categories, rows, columns, daily doubles… are all generated and calculated by the program on the fly.  All you have to do is enter the questions and answers.  The program supports any number of rows and columns (the max. being until your computer explodes) as well as many other optional settings (# Daily Doubles, Final Jeopardy, point values, etc).    No hassle with Powerpoint slides!
  - Supports any numbers of rows and columns, calculated by the number of questions and answers you give it.
  - Everything is automatic; just enter your desired questions, answers, and categories in the appropriate txt files.
  - Daily Doubles generated randomly each time.  Option to set number of daily doubles or disable.
  - Final Jeopardy question at the end; optional.
  - Countless settings for more advanced users: seperate Q/A folders for loading seperate games, changeable table and fontsizes, and other quirks.
  *Designed and tested ‘.exe’ for PC, but I can easily create a ‘.app’ for Mac.  Contact me if interested.

  Download or try the online demo for yourself: Jeopardy Maker

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