January 27th, 2011
Posted by pftq

Virtual Stock Trading System

Hey all, I managed to write up a short but awesome plugin that transforms my Mini Database Builder platform into a fully functional stock simulation system. Grin  It basically allows you to buy, sell, or short stocks just as you would with a real broker, and your performance as well as "cash balance" is automatically kept track of.

The program runs as a customization of Mini DB, but neither are not publicly available yet (I've only set this up with a few websites I help with).  However, those of you have an account on my main site pftq.com can hop right over to the one I have set up here and try it for yourself. Grin

This is perfect for those of you who have yet to attempt stock trading because of not wanting to risk real money or just simply being too lazy to set up an account with a broker.  I'll be copying my own picks over to this virtual portfolio as well, so you can follow the performance of my trades. Tongue

Hope to see you guys trading soon - especially those of you who claim to be "Econ" majors but have no investing experience whatsoever. Tongue

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asdf says...

wow i am stunned by your programing skills again. good job! but i am already trading in the market, just to show you my appreciation and admiration Smiley
Dino Luo

pftq says...

Reminder you guys should try trading stocks soon - especially since you have some free time right now. Grin
I'm just staying close to 0% gain so that we can all start at the same time. Tongue (losing just enough so that my gains don't push my overall account up Grin )

Just login and you can start trading right away here:

It's good for you to learn this stuff anyways - might as well do it now.

Bboy Nogard says...

Nice, seems like your pretty good at trading stocks. Future stock broker?

pftq says...

Nah - I want to be the one trading. Tongue

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