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4. Discovery Zone

October 16th, 2006 | Posted by pftq in Possibility | #
   My name is Sam.  Sam Pete.  Call me Mr. Pete and I’ll strangle you.  People try to act polite around me, but I know deep down in their little minds, I am nothing but rubbish to them.  And I agree!
   People these days are far too busy to care for one another.  A man in a wheelchair, hit by a bus, wouldn’t last long if there were not people paid to save him.  Kids would run right by without noticing.  Men and women would scurry right past like lab rats, hurrying to wherever they were off to.  The logic goes these days that there is simply no reason, to think highly of another, unless they will get you rich or take you to high places in the future.  There’s just no other reason to care.  Many times one may wonder whether these are real, intelligent life forms that are actually capable of thought, for they often show no signs of it.
   Hence why I would make not a difference to anyone.  Just like anyone else in anyone’s eyes, I am nobody.
   That is, I am nobody until now.  I have happened across an incredible discovery recently that will no doubt change the world.  It is this discovery, that will perhaps not only mark one of the greatest events in the history of mankind but also the most vital.  The existence of mankind depends on this discovery.  It is crucial that the people of this town know, that perhaps the entire world knows.
   I must however carry this out carefully.  For one, nobody would believe a nobody about nothing.  I also lack the ability to plan this carefully to begin with, so I really do need somebody to help me with this.  There is only one person I know of who might have half a chance of believing what I need to tell, and that one person doesn’t appear to be coming!
   I gazed through the dark parking lot impatiently.  It seemed incredible how the afternoon could have been so scorching, and now, in the midst of the night, it was so terribly chilling.  A couple of paper bags glided along the road, like tumbleweed in the desert.  There was only one lamp in the entire lot, and I dared not turn away from it to face the pitch-black behind me.
   A town clock rang in the distance.  I checked my watch.  It was 1 AM.  Where was he? I should have known he wouldn’t take me seriously.
   While in deep thought, I failed to notice the low, steady humming filling the lot.  Before long, I felt as if I were trapped in a giant dome with incredibly loud and distorted speakers.  My ears felt inverted and putting my hands over them only made it worse.  By now, the actual lot itself had begun to tremble.
   Something hard smacked the back of my head.  I felt lightheaded for a moment and turned around.  All that lay before me was outstretched darkness.  My eyes widened as I realized my mistake, and I spun quickly back around.  It was still dark.  I turned and turned again in place, but I could not find the lamp.  The world all around me had gone black.
   The humming intensified and became a sharp ringing in my head.  I ran forward, desperate to find some sort of landmark to figure out where I was.  I felt the ground beneath one foot rise.  The earth was breaking apart.
   Then it all stopped.  I couldn’t hear a thing, but I felt immense pressure at the front of my face.  The back of my face felt just fine.  My body was paralyzed however.  I couldn’t even lift a finger.  I felt nothing, heard nothing, and saw nothing.
   But my thoughts were louder than ever.
   Where am I? I heard myself think.
   Right here you moron!
   Where is here?
   On the floor like a pathetic worm!
   Why am I on the floor?
   Because you got knocked down!
   I don’t remember being knocked down…
   Well I do!
   How can you remember something I do not?
   Because I am better than you!
   But I am you!
   Says you!
   “Do you like cake or pie?” said a deep, stolid voice.
   I like pie.
   Cake you moron! Wait who’s that?
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