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Rejecting Spam via G-Suite

February 14th, 2022 | Posted by pftq in 42 | #
If you have G-suite for @Gmail and are getting repeat spam with the exact same phrases, you can make a filter to hard reject them by using compliance rules in the Google Admin panel.
1) Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Gmail > Compliance
2) Add a rule under Content Compliance.
3) Check "Inbound" and "Internal - Receiving"
4) Set to "If ALL of the following match.." Add an expression to match and use advanced content match.  You can add multiple conditions to make sure it only affects spam messages.  I use the following as an example (this guy has been using the exact same name and message for repeat daily spam for years):
- Sender Header Contains "Aleksandr"
- Subject Contains "Предложение"
- You can also use regex expressions for matching - tip: start the expression with (?i) to make it case-insensitive.
5) Set "Do the following" to Reject.  For me, I opt to include a rejection message in case the sender is legitimate and should know to resend the email with different phrasing.
6) Click Show Options.  For account types to affect, check Users, Groups, and Catch-all.  Save.
7) Test both spam and non-spam messages to your domain to make sure it works as expected.
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